Importance Of Nutrition

People hate hearing this...

but when it comes making your body look and feel a certain way, whether it's losing or gaining weight, it all comes down the way you eat on a daily basis. Always keep in mind the 20/80 rule. Fitness is only 20% of the work. NUTRITION is the remaining 80%. Also notice, I said nutrition and not Diet. Nutrition is something that is maintainable throughout the rest of your life. Diets are only temporary. Once you hop off that "diet", you're back to square one, starting all over again. So always try to figure out how to include foods that you like into your daily intake, which will make your fitness journey a lot more enjoyable. Don't become a slave to your plate !

Below will be a list of some foods that I recommend for you to try and incorporate into your daily nutrition. Make sure you're portioning your amounts for each category according to your fitness goals. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

High Protein Foods

(Responsible for muscle building & Fat loss)

Sockeye Salmon
2 % Milk
Chicken Breast
Lean Beef
Albacore Tuna
Brussel Sprouts



High Carb Foods

(Responsible for Energy that our body uses daily)

*Limit your intake if you’re goal is to lose weight*

Whole Grain Pasta
Sweet Potato
Whole Grain Cereal
Whole Grain Bread
Brown Rice
Chick Peas
Baby Corn



High Fiber Foods

(Provides our bodies with the essential nutrients and prevents diseases)

Bok Choy

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